4-day mentoring session

A 4-day mentoring, and coaching session has ended at the Centre for Empowerment and Enterprise Development (CEED) in Adidome. A team from the Northbrook Church and International Needs USA facilitated the training sessions which were geared towards imparting to CEED Trainees, business ethics, customer-centredness and certain critical life skills to enable them excel in their chosen careers.

Under a Mentoring, Coaching and Internship programme, seasoned professionals periodically engage with students of CEED through lectures and practical work which aim at broadening their horizon as well as building self-confidence.

Below are some photographs from the session.

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  1. Wow! What a worthwhile program! I’m inspired by everyone who volunteered their time and talents. I hope to do a mission trip myself someday. I just had foot surgery so it’ll be a little while ha ha God bless you all! I’m also so proud and pleased that Northbrook Church is a part of this wonderful experience!😇
  2. I am interested in fashion and design. Please what are the requirements and the things needed?

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