About Us


The Centre for Empowerment and Enterprise Development (CEED), formerly known as International Needs Vocational Training Centre (INVTC) is a private, technical/vocational and entrepreneurial training institute established  in 1991 by International Needs Ghana (INGH), a Christian, non-governmental and development organization.

CEED operates under INGH, which was registered under the Registrar General’s Department in October, 1987, under the Company’s Code (Act 179), number 33,476.

CEED has the mission and vision of empowering young people through skilled training to be economically and socially independent, secure and empowered to enable them contribute to the development of society.

Located in a clean, serene and congenial environment, the Centre promotes peaceful, friendly and focused learning atmosphere for students. It provides the requisite infrastructure, equipment, motivation, qualified and dedicated staff that give quality vocational and entrepreneurial training to students and prepare them to be competitive in their chosen fields.

Significantly, the Centre has contributed to the moral, economic, spiritual, physical and social development of young women in society and the nation at large. Most of these trained women are currently independent and self-employed in their own income generating ventures.

  • Vision

To produce top-notch graduates imbued with the requisite technical and vocational skills, with the right attitude to confront the challenges of the business world.

  • Mission

CEED is dedicated to providing the best courses and systems that will create entrepreneurs and facilitate the employment of trainees towards self-dependency.

  • Core Values

We strive to create a learning programme that is student-friendly and student-focused. We work towards maintaining a balance between theory and practice.